I’m Louis. This website is mostly a blog. Some basic stats about the blog are available on the stats page.

You can reach me by email or follow me on Twitter (DMs open!). I love getting messages from friendly strangers, so don’t be shy. Feel free to:

  • Tell me if you had a strong reaction, positive or negative, to something I wrote.
  • Ask me a favor – I’ll gladly help if I can.
  • Tell me what you’re working on and why you’re passionate about it.
  • Ask for advice.
  • Send or request reading suggestions.

Sometimes it’s nice to chat in real time too. If you like what’s here we’d probably enjoy talking, so go ahead and book some time on my calendar – even (especially!) if we’re strangers.


If you spot typos, broken links, etc, please let me know! In particular, some of the content is migrated from an older Wordpress version of this blog, so older posts may have formatting errors or worse.


Some of the links on my site are through Amazon’s Affiliates Program. If you make a purchase on Amazon through a link on this site, I receive a small commission. (The book does not cost you any extra.) I set this up in 2013 because I thought it would be cool, but I’ve made about $15 lifetime from the program.

Some pages on this site:


Basic overview of who I am and what this site is all about.


All blog posts.


How this site was made, and a brief history.


What I’m up to now, as of August 2021.


Basic website stats. Right now, just a count of posts by year.

Eternal Websites

The web is mostly an ephemeral medium but some sites have preserved their appearance and utility for many years. Reflections, and a list.