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I’m the CEO and cofounder (with Ning Jeng) of Recoolit. We are making cooling sustainable, with an emphasis on the management of superpotent refrigerant gas.

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  • Indonesian Census 1971

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Indonesian National Bureau of Statistics has a decent website with a pretty good open data portal.

  • Bubbi

    I started Recoolit a few months before my bubbi died. My mom’s mom, she was 96 when she died and was lucid until the very end. I told her about my plans a few times. She was never concerned about the details of the business and she had infinite faith that I would be successful. What she came back to instead, again and again, were my responsibilities as an employer.

  • Phased verification requirements for carbon credits

    The voluntary carbon market has a problem with supporting innovation. Here's one idea to fix it.

  • Early notes on Spring '83

    A new protocol for social media has been proposed; some quick technical feedback.

  • Reading List, August 2021

    What I’ve been reading and watching lately. A pretty good haul these last few months.