Last update: 2021/08/31. This is a now page.

Building Recoolit.

I’m the founder of an early-stage startup trying to prevent gigatons of CO2-equivalent emissions. The basic approach is to pay AC technicians in lower-income countries to recover superpotent greenhouse gases from end-of-life cooling devices. This gets tracked through software, and generates carbon offsets which are sold to American companies.

If you want to follow along, I intend to send out email updates through this list.

Living in Jakarta

I moved to Jakarta to work on Recoolit in May 2021. I hope to be here 1-3 years and I’m looking to make friends. If you live here, have friends here, or are just passing through, please get in touch.


Some other ongoing projects:

  • Studying Indonesian by taking private lessons and using Anki.
  • Reading books about Indonesia and by Indonesian authors. Looking for recommendations!
  • Bouldering (v3-v4).

I also consider myself a member of The Data Guild and My Climate Journey communities.