I’ve previously discussed the practice of “writing long”: producing works of enduring value, in contrast to the temporary and worthless chaff that we default to on the internet.

In this view, the value of most writing is actually negative, so it’s worth concentrating your effort into a few longer pieces.

An alternate model is Nadia Eghbal’s notes:

I often scribble half-baked ideas, reactions to things I’ve read, or something useful I’ve heard. Sometimes they turn into longer blog posts or projects, but most of them sit in my notes app, unused.

Nadia Eghbal https://nadiaeghbal.com/notes/</footer> </blockquote>

It’s something between a twitter feed and a blog: little self-contained units of thought. Ideas, provocations. The exhaust trail of an interesting mind. A list which you can scroll through, looking for inspiration. I like this kind of thing as well.