Just a brief trip five years down memory lane to revisit one of the better sentences written about me to date:

Potok’s sophomoric personal attacks against outgoing liaison Hollie Gilman may be gratuitous, but they do not detract substantively from his ideas or campaign.

I took this as a compliment, because I was only a freshman at the time! It pairs well with my recent letter to the same newspaper:

When I majored in economics at the University of Chicago, the coursework was taught with an eye towards the complexity of the outside world and an understanding that “models”­­­—a word Golovashkina uses as an epithet—are the scientific way to best understand that complexity. A simple map does not imply a simple territory; I’d recommend Jorge Luis Borges’ “On Exactitude in Science” to anyone still confused about the usefulness of a life-sized map.

Finally, someone named Louis Potok was buying real estate in Chicago in 1922.